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Monday, June 28, 2010

On staying (or getting) fit

I am probably like most other women out there. I have struggled my entire life to manage my weight and to be as healthy as I can be. OK not my whole life (I am a former smoker and former way-over-eater and former sunbather), but the last 15 years or so, anyway, I have really put forth the effort. I will reach 50 years of age this December – God willing – and I've learned a few things:

It can't be about the number on the scale or on the size tag, ladies. What it's about is knowing that, if you did 3 miles today, you COULD do 3.5 tomorrow if you so choose. Or you can do none tomorrow if you so choose, and 6 the next day. It's about knowing that aching can signify the quality of your workout, not just the onset of old age. And it's about knowing that you can still turn your husband's head, even if you're too tired to do anything about it later, after work, PTA and football. It's just about knowing that you can. I love that.

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