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Sunday, October 24, 2010

Another child failed by the system

I had recently posted some comments about a child of whom we are aware who is living with ignorant parents in deplorable conditions. My husband and I were approached by the Department of Family and Children's Services, asking whether we would open our home as an emergency resource should they decide to remove this child from his surroundings. After having given the matter a lot of consideration, we said that yes, we would. Two days and numerous calls from DFCS later, the matter was apparently dropped, and we received a phone call from the White Trash Mother accusing us of trying to steal her child, and there was no way she would allow him to live with us.

And DFCS wonders why it has such a poor reputation. A) We were approached; we did not pursue the matter. B) These disgusting people left a terrified puppy and (at last count) 6 cats in the filthy house they abandoned for the seedy motel room they now inhabit. Animal feces and urine covers every square inch of the structure. C) This woman has already lost two children to "the system." I can't imagine what she did to do that, if DFCS sees nothing wrong with the way the parents live now.

We pray that we do not see this little boy's face on the evening news or in the paper, as now we understand that he truly is on his own and pretty much screwed. The system actually encourages laziness, filth and stupidity. It actually pays white trash parents to exemplify those characteristics. I, for one, think that tax dollars could be better spent, but what do I know?


  1. Write an article about it!

  2. It sounds like they were trying to be able to put the child with people he already somewhat knew, which is commendable...but with parents like that, I think it would be better if the child was placed (even in an emergency situation) with someone the parents did not know and could not contact. In my opinion, they put YOUR family in danger, if these people are the nuts they seem to be.

  3. I know, and I guess they were trying to put him with familiar people. I was furious when I found out that they told them that we were the familiar family!!!! I want nothing to do with either of those parents, and DFCS asked US to help, not vice versa. We're not even foster parents, just concerned about a helpless little boy. Now you see where I got the title for my book...UGH! Anyhow, in with the good...out with the bad.... All I know to do now is pray for the kid.

  4. The whole DFACS system is the biggest waste of resources the way it is structured now. During economic times like we have now all of the departments associated with DFACS should be doubled in size so the case loads of the employees are not so large that they look the other way and dont have to settle. Dont blame the system though because they dont have the funds allocated to help in the performance of their jobs. Instead lets keep the tax payer money going to bail outs of large corporations and keep giving out the big bonuses to the "exec's"


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