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Friday, April 1, 2011

Isn't there some kinda wedding later this month?

Why are people so fascinated with the "royal family" in Great Britain? I never got that. Here in the states, we call families that breed too close to home, well, in-breeds. It makes for some weird physical characteristics and some odd behaviors.

I had a veterinarian explain to me once that pure-bred dogs have so many health and behavior issues because they have been OVER-bred to the point of, let's say, diminishing returns. A labrador retriever will work itself into a lather over a flashlight beam on a wall, chasing it until he collapses in exhaustion. A pure shepherd will gnaw on its foot til it falls off. A poodle will bark its brains out if it hears a particular sound. In other words, their gene pool is too shallow. The wiring is fried.

I have always secretly thought that, if one were to ever catch Charles with his socks and shoes off, one would probably discover he has a few extra toes. He just doesn't look right and let's face it folks, he preferred Camilla to Diana. That makes no sense whatsoever. I remember back when Charles and Diana were courting and finally married. All the talk in the media was "Oh, the lucky commoner...marrying into royalty!" I used to think, "She's hardly the lucky one. She's getting a constipated mother-in-law and a gawky jerk with an overbite out of the deal."

And now the pendulum swings back. William is marrying, and he appears to be marrying a beautiful, charming "commoner" with common sense and a bit of disdain for the pomp and circumstance that comes with the "royal family." In fact, didn't I hear that they will not have a lot of servants in their new home? I believe I also heard that Charles has hundreds of them, because he is incapable of wiping himself without a servant to oversee the process. I don't think he actually believes he's a run-of-the-mill human.

At any rate, I will be glad when all the fuss dies down. I do not care what kind of cereal William ate this morning, I do not care who's making Kate's dress. I do not care to download all the recipes for the canapes we can expect to see served at the reception. I do not care what happened at the bachelor party or the bachelorette party, and I do not care that William wil not be wearing a ring. Who cares? Do we really think he's going to cruise bars trying to pass himself off as a single bloke?  It's just silly.

In England, the people are informed daily of all these trivial details, but here in the States we get involved by our illustrious leader in yet another war and have to hear about it on the news after the fact.

I just don't get it.


  1. This all sounds kind of mean, but I don't understand it either. And people over there are either very poor or very rich, so I imagine they're pissed seeing all that extravagance.

  2. Charles, from what ';ve read, has always been an ass.

  3. People over there are either poor or rich? Not a very true portrait of the UK. The middle class is alive and well!
    In order to understand the loyalty to the Crown you would have to be brought up in that type of society, most of us have ancestors who fled that type of not wanting to endorse it is in our DNA.


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