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Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Writer’s Block…UGH!

Oh, I just hate it. By the time you get everything else done and go to work (in my case, a great office in my home), you need the creative juices to start flowing. I get my coffee, I settle back into my chair and wait. Usually, the muse does not disappoint. Today, she's off shopping or at the salon, 'cause she sure ain't here in the office with me.

Writers and other creative types depend on THE MUSE for so much. Without her (mine's female), we can't weave our tapestries. We try. I tried today. What a disaster. When I try to force creative writing, the outcome is usually disappointing, often pitiful, sometimes even awful. It's never good. Now I understand why athletes are so superstitious. I sat there in my chair pondering the reason for my complete lack of talent today. Have I switched brands of coffee? Is the lighting different in here? Maybe it's the socks. Did I go to the gym later than usual? No, no, no and no.

It just isn't happening today. I was at a writers' seminar once, and one of the guest speakers actually advised us to write through the block. "Just keep writing. It will come," she said. She lied. What works for me is to get up, push my chair back in, power down the laptop and walk away. Hopefully, my muse will get all of her errands run today and be ready to get back to it tomorrow. Oh, I hope she's not on an extended vacation.


  1. Try a change of scenery, or go someplace like a Library?

  2. I'm a little slow. That did occur to me eventually, like around 5:00! I may try a local Starbucks next time it happens. Thanks!


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