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Thursday, April 1, 2010


It's Spring, and with this one comes my daughter's decision on a college. With it comes her last prom, her high school graduation, a lot of "lasts." She's the youngest of our children, so these lasts truly are final. If I let myself, I can get sad very quickly. But with the changing of the seasons, I'm reminded that God has seasons for everything, parenting included.

Sure, there have been a lot of lasts this year, but then I think of all the firsts. Her first move away from home. The first time she's making decisions about her life that are made apart from me. The first time she does a load of laundry without sideline coaching from ME. These are good things. They SHOULD be. It just means that we have done our job. All of our children are doing what they are supposed to do. And with that knowledge comes great peace.

God knows what He's doing. That is a simple truth, but very profound. He knew what He was doing when he made pregnancy last as long as it does. To a new mom, the fear of childbirth is eventually overtaken with weariness and impatience. In fact, by the time the due date rolls around, we moms wouldn't care if the doctor had to cut off one of our legs to take the baby out. The bottom line is – GET IT OUT!

The same holds true for the day that a child moves out. We love them, we protect them, we guide them. But by the time a child – especially a daughter – is about 18 years old, tell the truth Moms. Aren't you just a tiny bit ready? I love our children, but when it's time, it's time. God knew what He was doing when he made it nearly impossible for two women to coexist under the same roof. And He has a sense of humor; no one will ever convince me otherwise.

So thanks God, for the Spring, and for all the new seasons that are dawning.

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