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Sure you do.
Southern Fried White Trash takes a humorous look at the unbelievable mindset of the national subculture (and Southern specialty) we affectionately refer to as "white trash."

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

The book

Well, I have decided on a publisher, and if all goes well we should be in print by the end of the year. I can't believe it! Seems like it's taken me my whole life to put this book on paper, and the possibility of it coming to fruition so soon is just breathtaking to me. I'm going to give credit where it's due though. I can write all day every day, but my husband is the brains behind the business end of this thing. Thanks, Marc.

I have questioned often whether people will find humor in the same things I do. If they do, the book will be a popular, fun read. If they don't – oh well, I won't think about that. Then as I was driving to the park today to do my 2+ mile ritual on the trail, I saw a sight so humorous and at the same time so endearing that I had to chuckle. At the same park where I walk the nature trail, there is also a ¼ mile track, On that track today, there was a woman with a beehive hairdo piled so high that she appeared to be having difficulty holding her head upright. But she was riding a bicycle around the track – beehive, skirt, ankle socks and all. I can only imagine the draft she was creating for the joggers behind her.

And I thought to myself, "only in the South."


  1. Well, after talking with you today, I recognized many things you said that I've thought over the years. It's either an artist thing or a genius thing, not sure which. :)


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