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Tuesday, May 3, 2011

The end of an era, I suppose.

The news story came across Sunday evening, and I remember David Gregory telling us faithful viewers that Osama bin Laden was dead. I assumed at first that he had died of old age or cancer or something, For someone so evil, he sure did look frail and sickly.

Then the good news sank in - the U.S. was responsible for his death. I'm still not sure why, but that changed the whole story for me. One of my favorite sayings is, "What comes around goes around." Translated:  Karma is a bitch. Not very original, I know, but deliciously true. If the thing went down like we're being told it did, bin Laden's life, evil and destruction came home to roost. For him to be found living in a monstrous compound, to be cowering behind women and shot at point blank range by a man whom I sincerely hope was easily identifiable as a U.S. hero, well that was just poetic.

And to the Pakistani government, who has greedily slurped up $20 billion from the U.S. in exchange for being an "ally," really?? You aid and harbor a monster who's killed Pakistanis as well as Americans?

Now I admit that I don't understand all the intricate workings of international relations, but doesn't it seem that middle eastern countries act like spoiled, ill-behaved children? They're always pitching a tantrum or demanding an ice cream cone to act less bad than they would if they didn't get the cone. It's a pity that we can't just avoid them altogether. That region will never be settled, and those countries will never be driven by anything but hate. History doesn't lie. Develop hydrogen cell and alternative fuel technologies, all you scientists out there. And politicians, stop letting the fat oil lobby deprive these technologies of funding. We are slaves to crazy people because of oil company greed.

As far as the "burial at sea" goes, I do not know whether i believe that. Oh sure, I think SAYING they gave him a proper Muslim burial (what does that mean, they strapped a bomb to him and threw him into a crowded market?) was pure genius. Was he really a proper Muslim? I'm hoping not. But the fanatics will still whine and cry "foul," no matter what's been said. Maybe they should have shoved him out of an incredibly tall building that was on fire. He seemed to enjoy that 10 years ago.

Thanks, top-secret, super-duper on the down-low US Seal-whatever-you-guys-are-called. Sorry, but I've heard this group of highly skilled heroes called several different things. This country owes you guys a debt of gratitude.

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