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Friday, April 29, 2011

Ahh. It's Friday... Happy Anniversary Kate & Willie!

I suppose I'd be remiss if I didn't mention the big shindig that took place around 4 am DST today. William and Kate got married. Now I know I've ragged on this event all month; i just think it's so silly for news people to giggle and gossip about how the bride might wear her hair, or what her dress will look like, for months on end. Guess I'm not very girly that way. Like in a Matt Lauer way, I mean.

I must say, though, that William looked so handsome and she so beautiful. You just have to like them, this newly married couple. They're adorable, they seem to be as down-to-earth as they could possibly be given the circumstances, and they seem to want to act more like people than like gods in human form. And of course I couldnt help thinking how sad it was that his beautiful mom couldn't be there to see her son marry.

Do you know that some news anchor or another recently said that Charles actually has a servant whose job it is to put the toothpaste on his toothbrush  for him? Would you really want a guy like that running your country someday? I dunno. I prefer more of a man's man, one who can prepare to brush his own teeth. I jokingly made the remark one day that I doubt he can use the bathroom by himself. Not so funny when you consider it might be true, is it?

Anyhoo, the wedding was lovely, one that only the British could pull off, I daresay. I'm kinda glad it's over though. Enough is enough. Let them live their lives the way they choose. Neither seems the type to embarrass the country or shame the royal family, God forbid. There's been enough of that.

I have to wonder, if we had a royal family here in the States, from whom would it be descended? George Washington? Michael Jackson? O.J. Simpson? Yikes. Makes me shudder. Let's just stick with the "highest office goes to the highest bidder" system we have now. At least we all know the rules.

Congrats, Kate and William, No hard feelings. Mail delivery here in our neighborhood is slow, and I have no doubt the invitation will show up next week sometime.

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