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Monday, April 18, 2011

I'm back, friends. A little sadder, a lot wiser and even more jaded (if you can imagine).

Yes, Marc and I are back. We spent several days in Gulf Shores with my dear sister and brother-in-law. Yes, I was robbed Wednesday and yes, we really considered whether it was wise to leave home after such a traumatic experience, but we went. I"m glad we did, too.

I'm going to climb up on my soapbox here for just a minute. Bear with me, OK? To the crackhead loser who felt that it was much easier to steal from me than to get a job, Karma is a bitch. You may not regret your pathetic actions today, tomorrow, or even 10 years from now, but everything comes home to roost dude. So be prepared. You cost me and my husband about $3000, but then again, you cost me a bit more. I am even more distrustful of people now than I was before. I think less of the human race. And just as importantly, I will never , EVER, again enjoy the simple pleasure of walking a nature trail. I will just never do it again. You see, this bottom-feeding loser was waiting for someone to go to the trail, LOCK their car and of course (my bad) leave a purse inside, then steal from that person like the spineless, leeching coward that he/she is.

Anyway, I;m glad we went to the beach. Family is soothing, grounding and healing. It did us both some good. This next weekend, Easter weekend, will find us surrounded by family and loved ones. For these things, I am truly grateful.And for the pathetic thief who so casually destroyed and stole property, trust and faith, here's to finding many Easter eggs, filled wth the illegal drugs of your choice. You rock, dude, really.  You should be very proud. I'm sure your mom is, too.

I have an exciting announcement, but I will save that for tomorrow.

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