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Wednesday, April 20, 2011

I give up. It's easier to be a criminal.

OK "uncle." I give up. I am waving the honest person's white flag.

I am sure by now that everyone knows that some loser smashed my car window and sole my purse last week. To a woman, having your purse stolen is tantamount to having your life hijacked. It's that serious, that convoluted, that detailed. I had been hoping that the thief was some punk kid who had ditched school that day and needed cigarette money. Yesterday, I learned that that was not the case.

Some woman wrote one of my checks out to herself - LINDA VASQUEZ  RAMIREZ - and took it to Bank of America. I am not going to comment on the derivation or ethnicity of the woman in question. I don't think I have to. Bank of America gave the woman $2300 for her efforts. From an account that had already been closed. From my account. Now, Bank of America is out $2300 and believe me, the police are suddenly interested.  I hope they catch this woman and her little ring of professional thieves, and I hope they are all deported (as I'm sure is appropriate), but first, I'd like to spend a little time with her.  Me and whatever she and her friends used to smash in my car window. I'm that disgusted.

OK back to why I am crying "uncle." My husband and I have been trying for days to get a security freeze placed on all of out credit reports through Equifax and the other two agencies. Apparently it's much easier to defraud these agencies than it is to work within their own framework. We call, listen to endless recorded, meaningless crap and canned sales pitches (imagine -pay us and we'll tell you when some loser tries to access your credit), and we wait. Sometimes we have the option of being transferred to a human, sometimes we get stuck in the endless loop of canned crap.

If we do get a human, that human has such a thick Indian accent that he/she is very difficult to understand, much less to get any sense out of. Then we are told that we have to request the freeze in writing with a copy of the police report, vaild ID, etc etc. OK. Whatever.  How bout this -how bout Ms. Ramirez HAS all my vaild ID? How bout by the time I assemble all this crap, she has opened accounts across the globe to buy everything from cars to houses to a freaking set of gel nails?

If I had it in my character, I would say "screw it" and join Ms Ramirez et al. I don't, so we are seriously considering moving to a country whose economy is not based on credit. I guess that would be Mexico. Wonder if Ms. Ramirez could recommend a good neighborhood?

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