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Monday, October 25, 2010

Problem solved (sort of)

Well, the story continued today. The parents of the poor little boy were evicted from the house my friend owns. They knew it was coming, and it should have happened a year ago. Among the items discovered in the wreckage were tools, job materials and customer product the baby daddy stole from my husband (his employer). When the sheriffs saw the filth and nastiness in the house, one of them called Department of Family and Children's Services, and lo and behold, they actually showed up at the house. They saw the filth and deplorable conditions, and the toddler was removed from his parents' custody. I do not know where they took him. Sadly, anywhere would be better than with his parents.

Any takers on throwing her a baby shower for the next little ward of the state she plans to deliver in a few months? It'll be number 4.

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