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Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Illegal immigrants in state universities, really?

Can someone tell me why we're even having to debate whether it's OK for illegals to attend state universities? Have they contributed one cent to their construction, maintenance or programs? Why are they here illegally, because it's too much trouble to go through the proper steps (as many immigrants have)? And the ACLU is worried that weeding out illegals might be "too harsh?"

Cry me a river, ACLU. How about this…how about you guys pony up the cash for illegals' tuition and pay for them to get the education they so richly deserve? If every "undocumented" leech in this country carried his or her own weight instead of adding weight to an already over-burdened system, the country would not be as bad off as it is now. But no, no. We might sound mean or, God forbid, harsh, if we require anything of these people. Give me a break. Is anyone out there thinking any more?

Ughhhhh! Honestly!

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