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Sunday, October 10, 2010

Educated white trash

My husband and I just returned from Fall Family Weekend at GA Southern University. I wanted so badly for my daughter to love it wherever she went to school, to thrive and make lots of new friends and have the time of her life. There are 20,000 students at that school. Seemed to be a reasonable hope. Now growing up, all I heard about Southern was that it was a big party school. Of course it is. Name one that's not, right? But I thought well, she's going to party if she chooses, and she'll take the higher road if she chooses, no matter what school she attends.

The problem with that theory is that there's no higher road to choose at Southern, which is located in Statesboro. Statesboro is a town (city is stretching it) that consists of cotton fields and tractor shops. And bars, which surround the campus. Bars that are apparently more than happy to serve minors. If you should happen to not choose to be a slobbering alcoholic at Southern, you have no other options. My impression of the school this weekend was comparable to 20,000 12-year-olds that had been turned loose in a liquor store. Students relieving themselves in restaurant parking lots. Parents cheering them on. Uh, and on and on. I was so disappointed. Her roommates get drunk on a regular basis, and they're so loud and obnoxious that she sometimes has to sleep in her girlfriends' room just to get enough sleep for class the next day.

Not sure what else you'd call all this except White Trash – with a new spin: a "college education." She'll be transferring ASAP.

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  1. There used to be a K-Mart. Whoo hoo! Yep, there aren't many entertainment options. Check out Armstrong Atlantic University in Savannah :)


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