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Saturday, July 31, 2010

On closing July

I've done it again – let too much time slip by without updating. I feel you have all managed nonetheless J. So much to tell: I had surgery this past Monday. Girl stuff; it's always something (thanks Eve. Hope the apple was worth it). No big deal really, but there's always the scare of the "C" word. Cancer terrifies me; I saw it devour my mother from the inside out when I was a kid. It's the stuff therapy is made of, folks. Good news though; none of that to worry about!

My surgery came the day after my niece and her kids left our home for a brief summer visit. It's been a while since I spent that much time with her. She is still adorable and, as I see it, carefree. Her oldest daughter and I butted heads. I will never be so laid back as to allow a 16 yr old child to do as she pleases, at least not in my home. I am still amazed. Miss them, but glad she's gone. I hope for her sake she grows up, and quickly.

My husband and I have raised four (our youngest moves into the dorm for the first time Aug 13), and I am convinced each of them tried to kill us through various mediums. All except my son, that is. He is an angel in a 260 lb body. Raising children is bloody, messy work. It's worth it, but you have to be forged of steel, resist the urge to be a crier (I'm awful), and grow the famed money tree out back. I wouldn't trade a minute of it for the world, but I wouldn't go back and do it again, either. I am selfishly looking forward to making decisions based on what I want, what's best for me, rather than for the little people I helped create. Guess that's the normal course of life anyway.

Well enough of that. I am sitting here enjoying the deafening quiet in my home, and I think I'll continue doing just that. It will end soon enough, I'm sure!

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