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Thursday, October 7, 2010

Aging is not for the weak

Today has been an eye opener for me. I have spent literally all day running from one doctor to the next. I have become the woman I used to look at and shake my head in false empathy. In truth I was thinking, "thank God that's not me and never will be." I was wrong.

I kicked off the festivities today by seeing my "female" doctor. I hate that term, but it's the least offensive I can think of. I have spent nearly a year with several physicians figuring out why I'm having such difficulties. The solution is in place, so to speak, but now it's a waiting game to see whether it works. Let's face it folks…you only get 12 shots a year to see what's changed.

OK from that appointment, on to lend a sympathetic ear to a friend of ours going through a difficult divorce. It's unsettling to me how much I can relate to such problems. I can though, so I may as well put my powers to good use. J

From that session, I went to see my physical therapist. Why? Because every moving part I have hurts. Aches. Throbs. The major offender right now, however, is my neck. I think it's misshaped or something. The only part of the doctor's diagnosis I recall is when he said "these things come with age." Did my head get bigger and heavier over the years? My neck scrawnier? What does that mean, exactly?

Next week, I get to work on other areas with different doctors. It's a vicious cycle, like owning a house. Fix one thing, and five more crop up.

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