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Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Things to do

It's the last day of August, and my dear sister and her husband left today to go back to Memphis. They were in town for my dad's 91st birthday! Sunday was a rare occasion in which our entire family got together and just enjoyed each other's company while celebrating my dad's extraordinarily long life.

SO. ANYway. Now I feel as though I can get things in order and put the focus back on my book. I am convinced now that self-publishing is the only way to go for me, as least right out of the gate. I have contacted at least 50 agents with no luck, save the one offer to do stand-up comedy. I would rather have screws driven through my thumbs. What I have learned is that literary agents actually believe that they are God. In fact, I wonder if they would have even published the Bible if given the opportunity. Doubtful. This a business that puzzles me and confounds me at every turn. All I know is that I love to write, and I have stories to tell.

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