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Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Now back to the book…

I guess I've gotten off track with all this graduation/emotion stuff. Can't help it, really. But back to the original reason for even creating this blog…my book. For those of you who don't know, it's called "White Trash Weddings, Funerals and other Family Milestones." The bulk of the material is (for better or worse) based on actual family experience. I was reminded of this a couple of days ago when I was made privy to yet another gigantic faux pas that took place at a family funeral.

When my brother-in-law died a couple of years ago, it came as a terrible shock to all of us. He was, by all accounts, a healthy, vigorous man. He looked the part. He led an active lifestyle - didn't drink much if at all, didn't smoke, didn't carouse – none of those cliché bad habits that kill so many before their time. Yet he dropped dead of a heart attack at age 54.

I heard the other day that his ex-wife was making the rounds at the funeral home, bragging to any who would listen that she had been having an affair with the man. Never mind the fact that he had been married to his second wife for well over a decade. She, for whatever reason, felt the need to go around blabbing indiscriminately that she had been sleeping with the man and that they were to have had lunch together the day after he died.

While this nonsense could explain an early heart attack, I somehow doubt her allegations. He just didn't seem the type to me.

I have, however, been wrong before. And looks like I have a slight re-write to do.

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