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Monday, April 26, 2010

Ahhh Monday…

Yep it's Monday, just coming off of a weekend that had a little bit of family, a little bit of friends, some sun and some rain. It was a good one, but now it's Monday. I had a doctor appointment today. More specifically, an ultrasound. Now without getting too graphic, I want to point out some things that I noticed while I was sitting there politely waiting my turn. Did you know that both men and women have ultrasounds? Yes, they do. Women have to drink several gallons of water and become uncomfortably full before having theirs, but still…. I was working on my 7th or 8th gallon of water (my bladder still wasn't full enough), and the man sitting next to me was sipping on a Dixie cup full of the stuff. It was his first, and he was complaining that he had to go to the bathroom so badly that he simply had to be the next patient examined. His discomfort was so much worse than everyone else's in the room (all women). Fortunately, the technicians were all women too, so he had to wait his turn just like the rest of us.

Too, did you know that a woman's ultrasound is done both externally and internally? Yep. So in case you had a shred of pride when you went in to the examination room, you will have none when you leave.

By the time a woman reaches my age, we've been poked, prodded and extruded beyond repair. It's all for a good cause, I suppose – female health and all. Want to hear something weird though? I was watching the screen as the little 12-year-old technician performed the ultrasound exam, and I saw my empty uterus for the first time ever. Every time I have seen it before, it's had a little baby in it. And I realized, it will never be home to a tiny little baby again. Ever. Those days are past.

I think I'm having a harder time than I've admitted with our youngest graduating this year.

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