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Thursday, March 18, 2010

Wait a minute, did they say IRS?

Did I really just hear the guys on CNN say that the IRS will have their hands in this Obama-surance fiasco????? Well, that's the hell…where's a handbasket?

People, if this happens, I hope every one of us has the backbone to stand up and say NO. I hope we see an uprising in this country like never before. They have employed kickbacks, bribery, exemptions and under-the-table deals to push this along IN SPITE of what the American people want, IN SPITE of constitutional provisions.

A politician worries about lining his own pockets and making a name for himself. A statesman cares about the generations to come. Obama, I am gravely disappointed. This is wrong, and what a legacy you'll leave if this corruption and underhandedness prevails.

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