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Thursday, January 26, 2012

Politics? Same song, different day.

Have you watched any TV at all lately? I mean, have you even turned it on recently? If you have, you’ve likely caught a GOP candidate debate being conducted, rehashed or picked apart. Is it my imagination, or are these guys debating more this time around than we’ve ever been treated to before? It seems as though there’s a new debate every 8 hours or so.

Now I get, even admire, working hard for votes. I do. I love this country and its machinations. Hard work, convictions and millions of dollars can take an ordinary person all the way to the top of the governmental food chain in the U.S. You have to love that.

Didn’t they call traveling and speaking to crowds along the rail “stumping” a long time ago? I believe that term came from the fact that the candidate would stand on a stump so that everyone in the crowd could see him while he spoke.

Today, I suppose the “stump” is CNN or FOX or whatever network airs a debate. I have actually watched a few of them; after that, the rhetoric and banter all started to sound alike to me. I still haven’t decided which GOP candidate will be my pick, because I have yet to hear one whom I believe can defeat Barack Obama next fall. I’m still waiting. There’s too much bickering and finger-pointing, and it seems as though the party is in a bit of disarray. I hope we fix that, and soon. I hope we put forth a candidate that the entire support can support. Divided (as we all know) we fall.

Anyway, If we could take Mitt’s hair and business savvy, Newt’s ego and attitude, Santorum’s “aw shucks” boyish good looks and Paul’s anger and roll them all up into one candidate (maybe throw in one of Hillary’s pantsuits for good measure), that might be a winner.

It seems to me that, instead of these guys making valid arguments as to why they’d be the best man to lead this nation out of the mess we're in, they spend the bulk of their time pointing out the other guys’ failings. And shortcomings. And dirty deals and affairs and lapses in judgment.

I know, that’s the nature of politics. It’s a dirty business, no matter whether it’s local or national. You can’t climb to the top of any heap without stepping on other people to get there. However, I think I may have a solution.

I say we demand a candidate reality show. Put them all on an island with a jar of peanut butter and a ball of string, winner take all. Or make them all live in the same house together for a few months, sharing bathrooms and household chores. Or simply install cameras in each of their homes, just to see how they behave when there’s not a moderator, cameras and bright lights. Think a hybrid show, made up of “Jersey Shore,” “Survivor” and “Dance Moms.”

The candidates could stump for free; in fact millions of dollars would be generated from advertising, all of which could be put toward our staggering national debt. I mean, every little bit helps, right?

Do you watch every debate that takes place? Are you hearing anything new, and have you seen a credible front runner yet?

Carole Townsend is also a Gwinnett Daily Post staff correspondent and author of the recently-released book, “Southern Fried White Trash.” The book takes a humorous look at families and how we behave when thrown together for weddings, funerals and holidays. She has been quoted on, in the LA Times and the Christian Science Monitor, been featured on FOX 5 News and CNN, and is often a guest on radio shows nationwide.

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