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Thursday, March 17, 2011

I have been invited to join an over-40 singles group. Sigh.

Yikes. I got this invitation in the mail, by the way, not in person. So there's that. I received this slick little mailer today, extolling the advantages of signing up for the "over-40" singles club. For one, I won't be wasting my time with some underage little thing that's not quite as long in the tooth as I am. I have news for you folks, if I ever do date again, that'll be exactly what I'm aiming for.As long as he doesn't talk, we'll get along just fine.

Another advantage of my joining would be the ability to specify that yes, I want to date a man who's been married before, or no, I prefer to date men who have never been married. In my age bracket, that latter doesn't even leave Elton John as an option. If you've reached your 40s and have never been married guys, you've got bigger issues than not having your dance card filled on Saturday night.The way I see it women, you're gonna be dealing with either an ex-wife or a mama's boy. Not sure which is worse. Of course that's just my opinion.

A third advantage of joining an old folks singles club is that we're all "financially secure and stable." True, if you checked the box that limits your dating options to Dubai natives. Otherwise, we're all thoroughly screwed financially by now.

Oh, I suppose I should also point out that I am happily married to the man with whom I hope and pray I walk into my golden years. That probably puts a damper on my participation and seriously limits my options.

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