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Sunday, February 6, 2011

Steelers or Packers?

What do you think? Who's going to win this year's Superbowl?  I think it will be the Steelers, for two reasons. They have deeper talent and a long-respected (sometimes hated) reputation for winning. Hard work, discipline, single-mindedness and toughness are earmarks of this bad-a** team. Second, their colors are better. They just look more, I don't know, football-y.

OK now that that's out of the way, on to the rest of the day's events. Let's start with the food. I think Thanksgiving is the only bigger food event in this country. Marc and I went to Fresh market yesterday to buy a few thinsg for our get-together tonight. We're only having one couple over, but we are always over the top when it comes to feeding our guests. We should be able to eat off of this spread for months. In the market, I went right for the color-coordinated foods - cupcakes with both teams' colors, a cute little mix of black and gold, then green and gold trail mix. Lord only knows what was in them; when Marc saw the "Okra chips" in the Packer's mix, he nixed the whole idea. At any rate, food is a big deal on Superbowl Sunday. I'm sure it is at your house, too.

And then there are the ads. The commercials. The $3 million, 30-second slots. They are masterpieces in psychology, creativity and marketing, and I love them. I particularly love the ads with animals in them, as I believe research proves that most viewers do.

I am not particlarly in favor of one team over another. When the Packers beat the crap out of Atlanta here in the Dome, I was devastated. And they were so mean about it! I believe one announcer called the game "Aaron Rogers' coming-out party."  Ouch. So I would get some satisfaction out of watching Aaron Rogers cry his baby-blues out on national TV in front of 100 million viewers.

Well anyway, enjoy your friends today. Eat up. Many of you will drink up, so don't drive. AAA is offering both a tow AND a free ride home tonight, so no excuses.

It may be another whole year before you can get your hands on this much team-color-coordinated food!

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