Do you ever find yourself amused (and amazed) by peoples' white trash antics?
Sure you do.
Southern Fried White Trash takes a humorous look at the unbelievable mindset of the national subculture (and Southern specialty) we affectionately refer to as "white trash."

Friday, April 1, 2011


In the March poll, voters answered the question, "Do you have any white trash in your family?" The answer, overwhelmingly, was 100% YES. Not sure whether that's good or bad, just giving you the results.


  1. This could be said of my family, but I'm not ashamed of this. Some folks call me that name, but I don't mind being regarded as a white trash girl - no shame in my game!

  2. Hahaha well you go girl. What else matters besides the fact that you're good with you?


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