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Tuesday, April 26, 2011

I've had just about all the "change" I can stand.

Let's do I say this without sounding too politically jaded? I believe I recall hearing a young, brash Illinois senator stand before the American people a couple of years ago and promise change. Groundbreaking, mind-boggling, in-your-face CHANGE like the fat bureaucrats and politicians of the Republican variety had been trying to deny us for years.

"Oh goody!" America answered. "Where do we sign up for this Change??? Oh in the voting booth, OK I see." And America voted for Change. Well I for one have had my fill of it. Let me see if I can outline some of the change with which my family and I have been blessed:

1) I paid $3 98 a gallon for gas this morning. That's a pretty impressive change. No natural disaster or shortage has caused the prices to jump. The oil companies have colluded, all of them saying "hey we're afraid of what might happen in the middle east, so we're gonna gouge consumers." Wonder if I could get writers to collude on the same premise. After all, it's understandable. The middle east has always been such a stable region.
2)  My husband just got a notification from Blue Cross/Blue Shild that they are AGAIN hiking our insurance rates, to the point that we'll each be paying $500/month, more or less, for less-than-mediocre coverage. So that's a change. I do feel good about the fact that I get to help provide free health care for millions of illegals though. That rocks.
3) Georgia's HOPE scholarship, promised to our young people for 20 years, has been cut. On the upside though, illegal immigrants are welcome to attend Georgia's universities. Now let me see, if they lie about their immigration status, I can rest assured that they've been honest about their economic situation, right? And that they're paying their own way, as they are known to do?
4)  We own a small business - 2 actually, since I am a freelance writer - and we are being taxed literally to death. Not really a change; it's just gotten worse.
5)  As a result of the first Change I listed, my grocery bill has increased exponentially. So have most of our others. So that's pretty cool.
6) In this crappy economy, we have been robbed/burglarized/stolen from, on average, about every 6 months, to the tune of several thousands each time it happens. So please, let's relax the immigration laws if that's at all possible. That'd be an awesome change. I know you're doing your best to do just that, Mr. Change. And don't even start whining about racial profiling. A woman calling herself LINDA VASQUEZ RAMIREZ cashed one of the checks she stole from me, so I assume she wasn't African-American or Irish.

Now I've had some people offer the opinion that this horrible economy has driven people who wouldn't normally steal, to steal. Bull. It's either in your character or it isn't. I promise you, if we lose our incomes altogether tomorrow, I will not steal from you.

In short, this country is carpeted with wall-to-wall stupid, from the upstairs on down to the basement. As ridiculous as this may sound, I am not a racist. I do not believe one is smarter or dumber based on race. I do not believe one race is better than another for any reason. But I'd be a fool not to believe what I see every day. There was a news story last night about welfare dollars being spent on alcohol, strippers and luxury golf outings. My son has a bona fide disability, and for 3 years I fought the system to try to get him some help - ANY help. Nothing. What the hell is wrong with that picture folks? I wrote my state representative and asked, if my son leaves the country and sneaks back in, THEN can he get some help? I'm still waiting for his response.

I think it's time to throw the politicians out with the bath water.

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  1. I Think Carole should run on the VP ticket with ole Donny "the comb over" Trump in 2012. By the way baby after spending 45 minutes answering questions online a red flag popped up and said we did not "qualify" for the new insurance quote


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