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Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Make up your mind

Yes, I know I said we'd stick to family, but I have to make an observation here about something that just really gets under my skin. I was in the mall today, in a shoe store believe it or not, when I came across these sandal things that are half boot/half sandal. Now I've seen these things from afar and just haven't been able to bring myself to look closer or God forbid, try them on. Well I did today – both. They look great on the Victoria's Secret models. I have to say though, that just taking them out of the box and inspecting them up close just irritated me.

Have we become so PC in our society that we really can't declare "boot" or "sandal?" For God's sake, make up your mind! These shoes are the El Caminos of the footwear world. They're ridiculous – anything would look great on a VS model, anyway. It should come as no surprise that these do, too. I just don't get the logic of wearing a boot-like contraption with the toes cut out. My dad did that back during the Depression, but that was purely out of necessity. I'll bet the women who wear these shoes are the same ones who wear those ugly suede boots in the summer, with shorts.

We live in Georgia ladies. It's 95 degrees when a cold front comes through, and lotion is usually too much to wear, much less suede boots. Honestly.

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