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Monday, July 19, 2010

Family (character)istics

We've talked about this before, I believe - the differences and similarities between family members. For example, some of my family members have crooked pinkie fingers, thanks to my mom and someone else before her. Others have jowls that make us look like Halloween pumpkins, should our weight creep up a bit too high. Thanks, Dad, et al.
We also have a vein of, um, "high spiritedness" in our family, very evident among the women. I think years ago they called it being high strung. Today they call it everything from manic-depression to just being a, well, you know. It's definitely there, though. It's stronger in some of us than it is in others, but it's there all right.
Now I believe wholeheartedly in treating illnesses. I mean, we treat diabetes and cancer, right? Sometimes though, I think we over-complicate some "mood disorders." Where to draw the line between having a mood disorder and just being a, well, you know…?
More about this later. I'm burning dinner…

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