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Friday, April 8, 2011

I think we're home free with the training. I think.

Well friends, we are now 5 days into training our dogs to respect the yard boundary marked by an invisible dog fence. It's been a tense, grueling project, and at times I just wanted to say, "Oh forget it! Let them destroy all the flowers and veggies! They're just babies, and I can't take it any more!"

In reality, I guess it hasn't been that bad. Of course, I am a trainer, not a trainee. Our female dog, the timid, quiet, hyper-sensitive girl, had for a time decided that the safest approach was simply to not go outside at all. Ever. She is better now, a little braver, and I believe she has connected the white boundary flags with the "static correction" (aka SHOCK).

Our male, on the other hand, acts as though every day is his first day in training. He loves life, birds, butterflies, noises, wind....they all distract him. He also loves games, and he has discovered that if he goes outside and does his business in certain areas of the yard, he gets a scrumptious treat. I am giving them cheddar cheese, although my husband does not know that. Every time they do their business outside and do not get zapped by the fence, I give them cheese.

Of course the Catch 22 is that, if they keep eating cheese, they won't poop again until well after Memorial Day. Oh well. I can only worry about one thing at a time.

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  1. They're like family, aren't they? We did that. Hang in there!


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