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Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Finished my book, and Washington gets weirder and weirder.

Well, today I finished my book. I'm going to put it on ice for a couple of days, then go back and make sure it's perfect. Then, we get to begin approaching agents. That's the part that makes me nervous. I can write all day long. I love it. But the business end, the part about getting published, kind of intimidates me. Oh well. I believe that the book is good, I know that it's funny, haha and I pray that it sells.

Now, about that mess I wrote yesterday. Sorry. I was ranting. Let me make it perfectly clear that I do not think that any of those acts of violence was justified. Violence never is. Besides, once I watched the news last night, all that other stuff seemed downright comical. Rep. Massa from New York – what the hell are you thinking? "Sure I groped my male staff, but not in a sexual way…?" If that's true, I think I'd steer away from the word "groped."

Is it just me, or do you feel very uncomfortable with the clowns in Washington making decisions about health care, unemployment, about anything really other than where they get their hair cut? It's like Republicans are singling out the wackiest Dems they can find and paying them large sums of money to melt down publicly.

Believe it or not, the book I just finished is not about politics, Washington or health care. It is about being raised in the South with all the mysterious rules, manners and behaviors that are part of that, then going out into the real world and learning that no one else has ever heard of them! I talk mostly about white trash and rednecks in the book, and I simply share some of my own real-life experiences with both. I'll keep you posted on the road to publication! Wish me luck!

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